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How Much Money Will You Save?

Below is a chart showing how much money YOU will SAVE when you treat your paint with ToughFinish.

Calculate Your Savings
Square ft. of surface being painted Cost of regular paint for 2 paintings Cost of painting once with paint treated with ToughFinish Total Savings
2,500 $320.38 $79.50 $240.88
3,000 $384.45 $95.40 $289.05
4,000 $512.60 $127.20 $385.40
5,000 $640.75 $159.00 $481.75
6,000 $768.90 $190.80 $578.10
7,000 $897.05 $222.60 $674.45
8,000 $1,025.20 $254.40 $770.80
10,000 $1,281.50 $318.00 $963.50
15,000 $1,922.25 $477.00 $1,445.25
20,000 $2,563.00 $636.00 $1,927.00
  • Our average coverage calculation for each gallon of paint in this example was 400 square feet on a smooth surface.
  • ToughFinish makes regular paint last up to two times longer. Normal regular paint not treated with ToughFinish generally lasts anywhere from 5 to 7 years before repainting. This is especially true for exterior areas. Therefore, over a course of 10 to 15 years you would need to paint twice with non-treated regular paint. You would paint half as often with paint treated with ToughFinish.
  • From our research we found that the price of middle to high quality expensive paint ranges from $21.99 (flat ) to $28.95 (semi-gloss) per gallon. We calculated an average cost of $25.63 per gallon of paint.
  • You will get similar results if you treat expensive or inexpensive paint with ToughFinish. That is why many customers just purchase cheap paint and treat it with ToughFinish. The price of inexpensive grades of paint ranges from $9.99 (flat) to $11.99 (semi-gloss) per gallon. The average cost would be $10.94 per gallon. You will treat a gallon of paint for as little as $1.78 per gallon. Your total cost per treated gallon of paint would equal $12.72 ($10.94 [paint] + $1.78 [ToughFinish]).
  • The above paint pricing does not include any sales taxes or costs associated with shipping/picking up paint.
  • Additional savings! When using ToughFinish you will not always need to use primer on bare wood. ToughFinish holds much stronger than any primer on the market. The cost of primer was not included in this chart.
  • Time saved: On the average, it can take nearly 9 hours to clean, scrape
    and paint 500 square feet. This does not include stripping the paint down to the bare wood. To paint 2,500 sq. ft it would take about 39 hours. Because ToughFinish makes paint last nearly twice as long, you would only need to paint once instead of twice during the same time period.
    This adds up to a huge amount of time saved!

Time Savings Chart

Square Feet Painted

Time Saved


45 hrs


54 hrs


72 hrs


90 hrs


108 hrs


126 hrs


144 hrs


180 hrs


270 hrs


360 hrs

How much paint will you need?

The formula we used to estimate the amount of paint: multiply the width of the area by the height of the walls. This will give you the square-foot area of the walls. For ceilings, multiply the length by the width. A gallon of paint will cover between 350 to 450 square feet, depending on the surface you are coating. If you figure the square footage and add a little more for touch up, that should do. Always purchase all you need in one order to avoid mismatching colors.